Prayer Ministry

Prayer is a powerful tool

Prayer Chain

Currently Faith Lutheran has two prayer chains to communicate peoples prayer requests.  

There is a telephone prayer chain which has about 15-20 people listed.  The prayer request is given to the co-ordinator, Barbara K., and she in turns phones the next person on the list and that person then phones the next etc.  If someone on the list is not reached in person, a message is left and the caller then proceeds down the list until someone is reached in person.

The second prayer chain is the e-mail prayer chain and is co-ordinated by Ann and Jim W.  There are about 65 families on this prayer chain.  Here an e-mail prayer request is sent to the co-ordinators who then send out the request with e-mails to all 65 families.  Prayer requests are exchanged between both prayer chains, so contacting either one will reach both.  Prayer chain members, prayer requests and the subject of the prayer request are not limited to Church members.  

To join either of the prayer chains or make prayer requests, please contact the church office or prayer chain coordinators, Jim and Ann W.                            

The power of prayer never fails to amaze us, so if a need arises please feel free to use the Faith Lutheran prayer chains!