Welcome Ministry


Do you remember the first time you attended Faith?   Chances are, if it was in recent years, you were made to feel authentically loved and welcomed by a member of a special ministry in our congregation:  the Welcome Ministry.  We would like to invite you to consider becoming a part of this ministry in our congregation.  

What is it?  

Welcome Ministry is God's plan for the church to care for First Time Attenders, and each other.

How does it work?  

Teams are formed and take turns one Sunday each month looking for First Time Attenders to make sure they feel welcomed.  Cards are filled out by the visitors.  Cookies are delivered to the new person's home and the Pastor sends a letter of welcome the following week.  A cookie making team is already in place.

Are there many meetings?  

No.  Your team may choose to meet in their homes to get to know each other better.  This community building is essential in forming bonds to care for one another.  All the teams get together quarterly for training and fellowship.

Am I qualified?  

Yes!  Any person who regularly attends Faith is qualified to join a team.  Remember, this is also a fellowship of caring for one another, caring for you too.  Training manuals are available and if you missed the initial training sessions, there will be more in the future.

How can I help?  

If you think you may be called to be a part of a welcome ministry team, of would like to learn more, contact Bill S.   Even if you don't join a welcome ministry team, you can make sure to notice and welcome newcomers to our congregation.  You can make a special effort to talk with newcomers in before and after worship.  You can make sure to shake their hands during the passing of the peace.  You can bake or deliver cookies.  You can pray for the care ministry teams and for all who walk through the doors of our congregation.  Whether you are a formal member of the Welcome Ministry or not, all people of Faith Lutheran Church are a part of this vital ministry.